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Monday, January 23, 2006

Who is Charlotte Mains?

Charlotte Mains

Welcome to my website. I say website, but it is more of an experiment. I wish to advance the therapy of the vagina, such a hidden organ, (often to the point of shame). But we should not be ashamed!

This website aims to explore the feelings we have about our vaginas and anonymously share them with one another.

This site is run by me.

I am an artist and painter. For those who need to know, I studied at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, in England (Fine Art).

I hope you find this website helpful!


Charlotte Mains

Charlotte Mains has been active in pushing the boundaries of what women stand for. Many women think that now is the time to stop struggling, as the 'playing field' (male term) has been leveled. But that is not really the case.
Womens attitudes to their vaginas have been negative since the dawn of 'man'. I hate to say it, but it's true. This site is a way to become comfortable with YOUR vagina, a way to express how you, as a female, feel about this organ, which, if you know it or not, dominates your life.

Whatever you feel about it, write it down, write a poem, write anything you want! Along with your most vital of organs, your words will appear.

Contributing to this site is as easy as it is benificial to you and us as a whole. That is to say very. If you wish to participate in this exercise in freedom, please send your photo to the address below. This website is entirely anonymous, so don't include your name. You don't even have to take a photo of your vagina - why not draw or paint a picture? Once I receive your contribution, it will appear as a small picture (like the others you see) which can be clicked on to view in full. All vaginas are welcome here, so what are you waiting for?

This website is an experiment in freedom - be proud of this amazing gift which all women have!

If you wish to, send your picture along with any words you have, to happyvagina@yahoo.co.uk